A pen pal scheme for young people and older people who are feeling lonely to write to one another. The project was devised by local teenagers to tackle the loneliness that they and older people experience. John aged 93 said “What a wonderful breath of fresh air it was to receive your letter. Please write again and thank you so much.” CAN helped the young people to set up the project and it became a part of A Good Life (a partnership led lottery programme testing out ways to address loneliness in over 65s). To ensure that A Good Life can reach its full potential and be sustained it has been agreed that the lead delivery partner will be PramaLife, rather than CAN, from 1 December 2021.

To find out more about A Good Life and Yours Sincerely, to refer yourself or someone else or to volunteer please contact Sue Warr, PramaLife Pathways Manger, 07867 354588, [email protected]