It’s been a really tough year for charities and community groups.  The pandemic has severely affected demand on services, the ability to be open, provide vital services and raise the income needed. It has hit our members hard: 

  • 48% have seen an increase in demand
  • 41% of groups are closed/mothballed
  • 7% face imminent closure without emergency funding, 41% within 12 months
  • 52% have reduced income
  • 21% have already made redundancies
  • 79% want to continue Covid related services but all need additional funding to implement
  • 79% want fundraising/sustainability/bid writing support

Although it’s not all been bad. There has been a large amount of learning over the last year which has seen us:

  • Delivering services in a different way
  • Reaching new users
  • Attracting more and diverse volunteers
  • Trying out new ways to raise money
  • Working together in partnership with each other and public services and local businesses.

 We have been awarded a grant of £49,874.50 from BCP Council through their Bounce Back Challenge Fund to significantly boost our support to develop and sustain our members by providing professional funding advice, using a new expert worker, coupled with our expertise in business development, good governance, and quality practice.

Through this project we will help our members to:

  • Review what money and in kind support they need and where it comes from
  • Become ‘funding ready’ with the right working practices, policies and procedures to attract funding and spend it in the best way
  • Undertake funding searches and support grant applications
  • Improve income from grants, contracts, trading, the community, companies, etc.

 A brand new team, from July 2021 to end of March 2022, will provide:

  • Individual audits and assessments
  • Action plans
  • Meet the Funder events
  • Training
  • 1-2-1 advice and support
  • Peer support

We’ll also work with other funding advice, business advice and training providers.

 For more information and updates about the project make sure your organisation signs up or speaks to Steve Place, Senior Advisor – [email protected] 

With thanks to our funder BCP Council.