Our Community Hero in the Spotlight for September is a charity that aims to unite people from diverse cultures and work effectively together.

 Unity in Vision was born in a Bournemouth car park when just three women from minority ethnic backgrounds were dreaming of the idea of a multi-cultural centre and a united community.

The charity is currently working to provide food for those most affected by the pandemic. During England’s three lockdowns, it developed a project called Unity International Catering.

The project operates from the Boscombe Rotary club’s kitchen and by 10 February 2021, 10,000 plates of food had been cooked at their kitchen over a period of 332 days.

The kitchen prepares up to 60 meals every day, which are then delivered by volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

Their menu includes a variety of cuisines from Asian, European, Central American to Middle Eastern cuisine and African cuisines.

Pam, a long-term volunteer said: “It’s just fabulous. I mean we can have four or five different countries of origin cooking in the kitchen at the same time.”

Pam emphasised the rewarding nature of their work, saying: ”One particular family who we only provided food to for a week said, ‘It’s been absolutely fabulous, it’s just what I needed’.”

Besides providing food, qualified volunteers offer wellbeing support through mental health activities, training and learning during their monthly international lunch.

Rita Satti, Chair of Unity in Vision said: “We realised we’ve got our skills as assets within the one big team, one hand can’t clap, and nothing could have happened in the first place if we didn’t have trust and transparency with the committee who work mostly behind the scenes.”

Emma Lee, Partnerships Manager at Community Action Network said “The work Unity and Vision have done over the last year has been phenomenal. It’s great to see the community come together to help those in need and help those who would otherwise go without. Thank you for your hard work and commitment”

For more information, please visit Unity in Vision Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UnityinVision/?ref=page_internal