1. A B Charitable Trust - small to medium-sized registered UK charities that defend human rights and promote respect for vulnerable individuals in the UK.
  2. Albert Hunt Trust charities with income under £250k, capital, core/running costs, hospice, homeless, health & wellbeing, UK wide, not overseas.
  3. Allen Lane Foundation - small UK registered charities making a difference to people's lives and aiming to reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination.
  4. Archer Trust – usually £500 to £4000, for groups working with those in need.
  5. Association of Independent Museums (AIM) - various grants to small museums.
  6. Aviva Community Fund 2020 - £250k a quarter for small charities and community groups.
  7. Awards for All - UK wide for community projects, apply online, up to £10k.
  8. Barchester Healthcare Foundation - small local UK charities to improve the quality of life for older people, as well as adults with a physical or mental disability.
  9. Comic Relief – any open opportunities will be detailed on this site
  10. Cobb Charity - small UK charity working to promote a sustainable environment through education. They do not have a website but contact details are on the Charity Commission website.
  11. Elephant Trust – to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when frustrated by lack of funds.
  12. First Steps Enterprise Fund - loan-grant package for small community-led charities in communities in England to help them grow their services and become more sustainable.
  13. Garfield Weston – community grants, revenue and capital. 
  14. Help the Homeless Grant Scheme - capital project grants for small and medium UK charities working to assist homeless people.
  15. Hedley Foundation - small UK registered charities working with young people in the areas of recreation, sport, training, health and welfare, support and outdoor education.
  16. Henry Smith Charity - Christian Projects - churches, small charities and not-for-profit organisations for projects that explicitly promote the Christian faith in the UK.
  17. Henry Smith Charity - Main Grants - Strengthening Communities - running cost grants for small community organisations, working in the most deprived areas of the UK.
  18. John Ellerman Foundation - small to medium-sized UK charities for work in the arts, environment or social action that has impact across the whole of the UK.
  19. Lionel Wigram Memorial Trust - UK charities providing services for blind, deaf and disabled people.
  20. Lush Charity Pot - small volunteer-run organisations, particularly campaign groups, working in environment, animal protection and human rights, with priority for less popular causes that struggle to find funding.
  21. Magic Little Grants Fund - small one-off grants for small local UK charities engaging hard to reach individuals to take part in physical activity.
  22. Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Ideas and Pioneers Fund - individuals, teams and small organisations to support early development of ideas with unusual promise to improve the life chances and opportunities of individuals and communities.
  23. Peoples Health Trust - active communities programme, for smaller local community organisations in England, Scotland and Wales to help create a society without health inequalities.
  24. Pret Foundation Trust - small grassroots charities that are working directly with homeless people in locations near a Pret a Manger store.
  25. Rhododendron Trust - small UK registered charities for social welfare and humanitarian aid projects in England and developing world as well as cultural and wildlife projects.
  26. Truemark Trust - small, locally based charitable organisations addressing social distress and disadvantage, with a preference for neighbourhood-based community projects. They do not have a website but contact details are on the Charity Commission website.
  27. Trusthouse Charitable Foundation - smaller UK charitable and not-for-profit organisations for community support, arts, education and heritage projects in areas of extreme urban deprivation or remote rural areas.
  28. Tudor Trust - Grants are available to smaller community-led groups that support people at the margins of society in the UK, encouraging independence, inclusion and integration.
  29. Warburtons Families Matter Community Grants Programme - Local projects, activities and organisations that will benefit families in England, Scotland and Wales.
  30. The Weaver's Company- smaller UK based charities working with young offenders, prisoners and ex-prisoners, and young disadvantaged people, especially those at risk of criminal involvement. Will consider innovative projects, pump-priming funding and core costs.
  31. Woodroffe Benton Foundation - smaller UK registered charities for relief of hardship, the elderly, environment and conservation.
  32. Woodward Charitable Trust – core costs, small to medium charities, children, disability, disadvantaged women and families, prisoners, minority groups.