CAN has named The Chatterboxes its Community Hero in the Spotlight in the run up to Anti-Bullying Week (15 – 19 November).

The Chatterboxes is a wonderful youth action project that provides support to over 70 young people with disabilities in Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole every week.

A youth action project that aims to empower young disabled people (aged 11 – 25 years) to make a difference in the community, whilst developing their skills through a range of activities, surrounded by friendship and laughter.

Community Action Network (CAN) is celebrating and championing The Chatterboxes for their incredible and meaningful contribution to the community.

From June 2020 to June 2021, The Chatterbox Project covered 56 AQA units on topics like: developing teamwork skills through art, leadership, planning and delivering a group presentation, how to increase and apply self-esteem, and taking part in a focus group consultation.

Other activities included the creation of four Chatterbox magazines and six Chatterbox videos including one for Public Health Dorset.

A young person involved in the project, said: “As a disabled person, I find it difficult to meet people that understand me, but The Chatterboxes offer a safe and friendly environment where I can have fun with like-minded people.

I think The Chatterboxes is a wonderful group that has given me and countless other confidence, friendships, laughter, a sense of purpose and lots of exciting opportunities. Long live The Chatterboxes.”

The Chatterbox project also offer the young members opportunities to deliver awareness, workshops and training in the community as well as organise community awareness events.


“Since I started going to the Chatterboxes, I haven’t looked back”, said another young Chatterbox member. “My confidence has grown 10 times and I have found a place where I fit in. Now presentations, workshops and speeches are a doddle, even online. I really love delivering workshops as it is fun, and I get to make people laugh.”


You can listen here to our Partnerships Manager, Emma, Poppy and some of their Chatterboxes, talking to Blair Crawford on Hope Fm about our Community Hero in the Spotlight initiative and the amazing work they are doing.