We empower the voluntary sector

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Please contact Steve Place, Senior Advisor, either by email [email protected] or by phone on 01202 466130 for further information and assistance.

We provide professional and practical support to organisations working in the local voluntary and community sector (VCS). We help groups right from the start to become strong and independent, with good governance and management, and provide support when it’s needed so organisations can evolve and adapt – and the sector can grow and thrive.

We know our sector contributes £millions to the local economy, and a third of the public has benefitted from a charity. We have many years of experience empowering the VCS, we use this to:  

  • Help build and grow the VCS locally
  • Promote and champion the value of the VCS
  • Provide high-quality information, support, advice and training to local voluntary organisations, community groups and charities
  • Empower grassroots community groups to meet local emerging needs
  • Help organisations to work collaboratively and share resources
  • Cascade national best practice

We are here to help you with: