An annual survey that informs strategic decisions made by the Dorset Integrated Care Partnership, local Councils and NHS Dorset, AND provides vital evidence of need and development. 

Your contribution is imperative. 

Please take about 30 minutes to add your contribution to the latest picture of how the VCS is fairing. I know it’s ‘yet another survey’, but I promise your contribution will be worthwhile and there is the opportunity to win £25 Amazon gift voucher 

Over the last two years our sector along with policy makers and funders, have used the data gathered to inform their work. Last year’s report informed the ‘Working Better Together -  Dorset’s Integrated Care Partnership Strategy 2022/23’. Your contribution really matters. 

This year we are keen to build further on previous State of the Sector surveys to capture an even more detailed overview. With the introduction of the Dorset VCS Assembly the sectors’ role within the Integrated Care System is now cemented and this your opportunity to share your perspective of the challenges and successes you have faced over the last 12 months and some of the opportunities there may be. 

Our survey aims to capture information we can share widely and use going forward to look at how the sector is changing, how we can best work together, and our role in offering the right support, training and influence. 

Thank you 

Karen Loftus  

Chief Executive - Community Action Network   

To complete the survey, click here. Survey closes on Wednesday 31st May 2023. 

About the reach and data: 

Reach: Data and information collected will contribute to our understanding of the voluntary and community sector groups that provide services and support the communities of Dorset. Your organisation may operate in wider or other areas, but we expect all completing this survey to currently have (or have had) a presence in BCP Council and Dorset Council area in the last two years. 

The survey is designed to explore the extent of VCS activities, the role your organisation plays in the local community, and the challenges you and your communities are facing. Questions focus on what has changed in the last two years, as well as looking ahead to the next 12 months. 

Data: No individual names, organisation names or contact details will be visible in our final report. This information remains confidential to CAN. Data will be analysed and reported on anonymously.