The following pilot services are now available for BCP Adult Social Care and UHD Hospital Teams. These are building momentum and value by adapting to the needs of professionals and the people who draw on services.

Direct Referrals

Professionals can make referrals to us for people who have no ongoing social care or clinical needs, but still need to find community support to help them stay independent and well at home. Our experienced, professional team are well equipped to talk to people over the telephone and face to face.



Virtual Hubs

Monday–Friday, 9am- 5pm

Professionals may pop in to ask a question for someone they are supporting 24/7. Our quality assured CWC Providers are also invited to join the hub to pick up queries directly and we have found this a great vehicle for health and social care teams to get to know each other and share information.


Email Signposting

Professionals with more complex cases that need more research or less urgent queries can also contact us via email.  We answer most queries within 3 working days.



Information Access Points (IAPS)

The public can gain access to our service at Poole and Bournemouth hospital sites through our new information access points. These are to engage with people who may struggle with digital and telephone support and face to face.

We also want to help people find alternative options to going into hospital and access adult social care support through our pop up IAPS across BCP Communities.

Find us here: 

You can find out where we will be in our events page