I need your support to ensure our sector can best influence public policy. 

We’re looking for sector specific people from local charities and community groups to take on the role of VCS Involvement Partner, to bring their expertise to various Boards and meetings facilitated by our Council and NHS colleagues. The role is voluntary, but we are offering an annual bursary of £200 per person to cover expenses, plus ongoing support. It is my hope to attract more investment going forward, but we have to start somewhere!

I sense this work will develop as we continue to promote and build the pivotal role our sector plays within the local community. So, we’ve built in quite a bit of flex to enable us to adapt our offer to meet new and emerging needs.

The voluntary and community sector plays a huge role locally in improving people’s lives and are well placed to understand and work with communities to empower positive change.

‘Representing the voluntary sector’ is sometimes asked of local charities. This can at times be difficult and unrepresentative. We’re proposing a more inclusive and joined up way of representation that supports the individual, their organisation and the wider community to better enable effective collaboration, engagement and co-design.

At CAN we can’t and don’t want to ‘represent’ the sector at every Board and meeting. There are other local charities and community groups that are much better placed to do this, with our support and advocacy, to ensure they fulfil their role and have a mechanism to gather and share vital insights.

We’re currently looking for sector specific representation on the following Boards:

  • Community Safety Partnership (BCP)
  • Children and Young People Partnership Board (BCP)
  • Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Strategy Group (pan-Dorset)
  • Safeguarding Adults Board (BCP)
  • SEND Improvement Board (BCP)

Is this something you or a colleague would like to be involved in?

If your role is paid, would your employer release you to volunteer?

Do you have the skills and expertise?

More information about the specific boards/groups, level of commitment and short nomination form can be found on our membership zone

Initial closing date for nominations is Monday 20th June at 9am.

We’ll look at the skills and experience of each nominee and if more than one person puts themselves forward, we’ll put a vote out to the sector.

If you have any questions please speak to Emma Lee, Partnerships Manager, [email protected]