CAN are proud to support and highlight the work of the LGB&T Dorset Equality Network ( a CAN member, on maximizing LGBT+ & LGBTQ participation on the Census 2021, working closely with the community and the census locally and nationally. 

They have produced a valuable information resource at:

Although Census Day (March 21st) is over there is still an opportunity (for the remainder of March and much of April) for LGBT community members to directly input to the questions on sexual orientation and gender, and also on mental health, especially community members who are not Out as LGB or T to family members or those in the same household, or where family and household members may be homophobic, bi-phobic, transphobic: community members experiencing prejudice, bullying, family rejection causing depression, can complete these questions.

The Network provides this link to help you complete on a safe, confidential basis -- if you have had information recorded on a family or household Census completion form, your individual Census completion will override this and will NOT be known to your family or household.