A fresh approach to helping people stay safe and well at home by connecting them with local community support.

Being delayed in hospital when you could be at home is not good for anyone, not the person in the bed, the NHS or Social Care services – the human cost is huge. Lots of people can leave hospital without the need for medical care but do need help to return home safely and avoid quickly going back in. Not everyone has local family or friends able to help them, and our public services are very stretched, so a different approach is needed.

We also want to try and help people living in the community find the help and support they need to live their best lives, and hopefully avoid a trip to the hospital in the first place.

BCP Council are committed to supporting strong communities, so are investing in the CAN Wellbeing Collaborative, to help people stay safe and well at home. CAN volunteers will find out what people need and connect them with the many brilliant local charities and community organisations able to offer essential support they probably didn’t know existed.

The CAN Wellbeing Collaborative sees our Council, NHS, charities and community groups working together to develop this new approach to help people stay safe and well at home.

CAN are working in partnership with the discharge team at University Hospital Dorset (UHD) and BCP Council Adult Social Care - Front Door, along with a network of charities and community groups to co-create the CAN Wellbeing Collaborative, delivering communication pathways to a single point of access. Enabling people, carers and professionals to access timely and direct support, information, advice and guidance on local services.  

For more information about the project or to join our CAN Wellbeing Collaborative contact SJ Woods, Wellbeing Collaborative Lead, [email protected]  

Our work is possible thanks to funding from our partners, BCP Council.