Rachel Trickey - Transformation Lead for Dorset Wellbeing Offer





To contact Rachel please email [email protected] or call 01202 466130

Wellbeing Collaborative Team

Sarah Jane Woods - Team Development Lead 








To contact SJ please email [email protected] or call 01202 466130

Nazia Islam - Marketing and Administration Officer


What I love about my job

What I love about my job is that innovation and creativity are celebrated in every way. It is through these ways that we can empower and connect people to the right support at the right time - which is very inspiring to be a part of.

Where you can find me:

As I work from home mainly, you can normally find me helping the team with behind the scenes work either helping admin or creating marketing content.

What I do to boost my wellbeing:

 To boost my wellbeing, I love taking the time to relax with things that I enjoy doing. This can be from reading a book, watching a Netflix series to winding down with my family and friends.

To contact Nazia, please email [email protected]


Kelly Hewitt - Pathway Co-ordinator

What I love about my job

I love having the ability to be creative and put forward new ideas about how we can better support people in our community.

Where you can find me

You can find me every Thursday at Poole Library, where you can learn about a variety of community support. It doesn’t matter if you do not have any specific questions in mind, you are always welcome to come and say hello!

What I do to boost my wellbeing

In my spare time I love spending time outdoors with my dog, especially at the beach. I also enjoy spinning classes (not to everyone’s taste!) and writing in my mood tracker journal.  

To contact Kelly please email [email protected] 

Gareth Dunning - Pathway Co-ordinator









Lucy Bradley - Pathway Co-ordinator 

 What I love about my Job

I love my job because I get to meet people across all walks of life in our community. I love thinking up new ideas and ways of working that can benefit the people and professionals in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole; my home! I am grateful to work in a supportive and flexible organisation where creativity and autonomy are encouraged.

Where you can find me

You can find me every Monday at Castlepoint Library where we have an Information Station offering information and advice to connect people with support from the Voluntary and Community Sector. 

The rest of the week I am usually at home sharing my working space with my two dear colleagues; Sasha and Floss the cats.

What I do to boost my wellbeing

I most enjoy relaxing evenings at home with my family drinking tea, watching films or playing videogames. I love to cook and to try new plant-based recipes and I try to get to an exercise class whenever I can! 


Abi Squires - Volunteer Co-ordinator

What I love about my job 

What I love about my job is the people. I have the pleasure of knowing some really interesting, passionate and inspirational volunteers. They all have such different backgrounds and life stories and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each volunteer we recruit. I also love seeing the impact that our volunteering has on not only the wellbeing of the people we offer support to, but the actual volunteer themselves. It gives me such a sense of purpose in my life when I hear all the positive things that people say about our volunteers and makes me value my job so much more!

Where you can find me

I work mostly from home, where you would find me normally sat at my kitchen table with my two Siamese cats Nala and Leo cuddled up to me! I can also be found out and about sometimes at volunteer fairs or events and in our Poole office doing volunteer inductions and training sessions 

What I do to boost my own wellbeing 

My own wellbeing is extremely important to me and I make a real effort to prioritise my wellbeing on a daily basis. Some of the things that I feel boost my wellbeing is reading, cooking, spending time with loved ones (and cuddly pets!) and ensuring that I am boundaried about who and what I give my time to. We can sometimes fall into the trap of putting others before ourselves and giving time to things that don't make us feel happy, so I try to make a concerted effort to do something that makes me happy each day.

To contact Abi please email [email protected]