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Edition Week Commencing: Monday 14th November 2022

Why charities need to lead on climate change

Charity Digital looks at why charities need to take the lead on facing the defining crisis of our time. They also have a longer article with links to resources etc and an hour podcast. Charity Comms have a blog showing how different charities are explaining how issues around the environment and climate are impacting their causes. Remember CFG’s recent guide to net zero.

The charities speaking out against racism

Charity digital explores the ways that charities in the UK are speaking out against racism and taking steps to become anti-racist.

How to make your inclusion intersectional

Intersectionality has become something of a buzzword, used as a shorthand for all things diversity, equity and inclusion. But what does it mean

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion reporting- what, how, why?

Useful short article discussing what good practice could look like and relates to Charity Commission and Company House expectations.

Cost-of-living crisis: how to buy cheap software

Cutting software costs is vital for charities as they face multiple challenges due to the cost-of-living crisis. Here is Charity Digital’s guide to find the best and cheapest option

Looking After The Money

1 December, 2022, 10:00-12:30, Steve Place (CAN's Senior Advisor) will lead this session, helping to ensure that you are looking after the money of your charity or group. We all know, that managing money for others can feel pressured, but Steve will help you navigate some important processes and good practice to ensure you feel comfortable in the role.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 7th November 2022

Making your charity inclusive online

With such a wide range of audiences, with varying needs, improving accessibility ensures that charities can include as many people as possible in their cause. This is a matter that has been a focal point for Ambitious about Autism and is part of a three-year digital transformation project. In a podcast recorded last month, Charity Digital's Marketing Programme Manager Ashley Fontaine is joined by David Spector (Head of Strategy, Trillium) and Marie Ashton (Head of Marketing and Communications, Ambitious about Autism) to discuss ways that charities can remove barriers for their audience online and make their content more inclusive for their audiences. Listen to the Charity Digital podcast.

How to harness the power of video marketing

Charity Digital provides a step-by-step guide to show charities how to use video marketing

Looking After The Money

1 December, 2022, 10:00-12:30, Steve Place (CAN's Senior Advisor) will lead this session, helping to ensure that you are looking after the money of your charity or group. We all know, that managing money for others can feel pressured, but Steve will help you navigate some important processes and good practice to ensure you feel comfortable in the role.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 31st October 2022

J.P. Morgan’s Force for Good programme

Force for Good provides charities and non-profit organisations with a team of highly-skilled employees from J.P. Morgan to help them build sustainable digital solutions to their biggest challenges. 

New guide helps makes sense of modern banking

HSBC’s ‘Modern banking guide’ has been published for charities, voluntary organisations, faith and community groups, in partnership with Charity Finance Group. The guide helps organisations make informed choices about banking services in an evolving world. It covers the different types of banking services that are available to organisations, including digital payments and virtual cards.

Understanding energy consumption

Do we really understand the energy we use? And how can we get to grips with our consumption AND reduce it? Ruaire Glackin from Utility Aid shares a helpful guide.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 24th October 2022

Key findings from NCVO's 2022 Almanac

NCVO’s annual survey of the sector is out. You can read the Exec Summary here with the 5 main insights being:

  1. The number of voluntary organisations increased as did the sector’s workforce and total income.
  2. The combined effects of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis are likely to impact the sector as a whole but leave smaller charities particularly vulnerable.
  3. For the first time in 20 years, income from the public contributes half (51%) of all voluntary sector income, while income from government continues to decline.
  4. Volunteer retention for older and socio-economically disadvantaged groups has become challenging.
  5. The diversity of the sector’s workforce remains low and but is higher among volunteers, while young people are still least likely to be involved in the sector.

Read the key findings in Civil Society and what they mean for the charity sector.

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Cultural Awareness

This FREE 3-hour Zoom session (2 Dec 2022 09:30-12:30) aims to improve professionals’ knowledge of and engagement with the GRT (Gypsy, Roma and Traveller) communities. It will be delivered by the Friends, Families and Travellers organisation with a community member sharing their experience.

How charities can save on energy bills

Some tips from Charity Digital

One in eight charities had a cyber attack last year

Read a summary of this survey and how to take action.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 17th October 2022

New online guide for charities looking to reduce their carbon emissions

Although aimed at charities is a useful resource for any not for profit to build a net zero strategy; understand the links between net zero, investments, pensions and grant making; and reduce emissions through the procurement process.

Cost of living hub

NCVO keep updating this part of their website sharing news, insights, practical resources and advice to help your organisation but also your users.

How charities can use LinkedIn Premium

Charity Digital explores how charities can take advantage of LinkedIn Premium, with networking, training, and other advanced features.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 10th October 2022

Analysis highlights inflation challenges for charities

Charity Pro Bono Economics has produced a briefing highlighting the growing threat of inflation for UK charities.  Key points include

  • The Bank of England is expecting inflation to peak late this year at around 13%, but to remain at elevated levels until 2024.
  • The value of the average donation and direct debits will decline. The average donation has been £20 since 2017. Using the Bank of England’s most recent inflation forecasts, PBE project that a £20 direct debit set up in 2017 will be worth just £15.30 next year and £14.90 in 2024.
  • The value of multi-year contracts and grant funding will decline. A three-year £100,000 grant or contract awarded in 2022 will be worth £90,660 next year and £88,300 in 2024, based on current Bank of England forecasts.
  • Energy prices will continue to affect costs, volunteers and beneficiaries
  • Rising staff costs will have a major impact. On average, the charity sector spends over 40p in every £1 on staffing costs. Were the sector’s expenditure on staffing costs to keep up with inflation, the sector would need to find an additional £3.8bn by 2023 and £6.1bn by 2024, compared to 2018/19

Why organisation-wide support is critical to effective sustainability initiatives

Article explains how to ensure everyone in the business is engaged and invested in environmental matters

Free ‘DIY’ energy survey for community buildings

This document guides you through an energy audit so that you can identify the most effective options for energy efficiency improvements. It’s essentially a checklist combined with guidance notes. You can use it as the basis for a carbon reduction plan for the building (which could include a whole range of free, low cost and higher cost measures) and / or to decide what improvements you want to install and / or to identify measures you may be able to obtain funding for.

The art of culture change

What are the signs that the culture within your organisation needs to change and how can you change it? Here are tips from Charity Digital.

Environmental, social and corporate governance

ESG is a widely used framework in business to understand how companies of all kinds can promote benefits and protect people and the planet. ESG is also at the top of the agenda for many charities who want to ensure all their wider work avoids causing unintentional harms, and also want to influence businesses’ ESG strategies to achieve their core charitable mission. This briefing is on how charities can ensure social issues are considered in environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) frameworks.

Charities and climate change

Charity Digital explores the basics of climate change for charities, looking at why charities need to get involved, how charities can get involved, the best resources available to charities, and so much more.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 3rd October 2022

Overcoming banking challenges for small charities

Charity Digital explores how small charities can tackle challenges accessing banking services with some recommendations on banks.

In a crisis, plan don’t panic!

Useful short article from DSC recommending you:

  1. Get your governance right
  2. Get good information
  3. Adapt your communication
  4. Don’t take those grants for granted
  5. Think about a fresh appeal.
  6. Look after yourself and others.

If gives links to their own training etc but also talk to us!

Is your chief executive/board relationship a marriage made in heaven or heading for the rocks?

Short article about how to avoid this through honesty, challenge, duty of care, mutual respect and trust, understanding of roles and mission above all else.

Free digital skills training for the third sector

The Curve is a series of free, 90-minute workshops for third sector organisations. These online workshops aim to build knowledge around best digital practices, raise awareness of digital tools and ultimately help increase impact with digital. Workshops are open to anyone working or volunteering with a third sector organisation in the UK.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 26th September 2022

How to write effective web copy

Charity Digital looks at best practice for online copywriting and how to engage a digital audience