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Edition: Thursday 23rd March 2023


In the recent budget there were a few announcements of interest to charities and other not for profits:

  • The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said the government will provide £101.5m of support to charities and community organisations in England over the next two years. DCMS said around three quarters of the funding will be used to deliver grants in 2023-24, targeted at those frontline charities and community organisations most impacted by increased demand for their services from vulnerable people and increased delivery costs. This is likely to include those organisations providing the most vulnerable people with emergency support including accommodation, warmth and food, it said. The remaining quarter will be used to fund measures over the next two years to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations. This could include new boilers, heat pumps and insulation allowing them to deliver more efficient services for vulnerable individuals. No details on how any new funding will be distributed have been announced.
  • There will be an additional fund of £63m for leisure facilities and £10m for suicide prevention.
  • The Treasury announced that tax relief for theatres, orchestras, museums and galleries will stay at rates of 45%-50% until 2025.

UK Fundraising have a summary, read DSC’s analysis and what it means for charities and the voluntary sector and what other charity leaders said.


Edition: Thursday 16th March 2023

How to create an environmental policy

Recording of a one hour podcast with three charities from across the UK who have established their environmental policy already and have embraced environmental sustainability internally within their organisation.

How to speak to your communities about climate change

All charities have a vital role to engage with their communities on green issues. Charity Digital’s latest article in their Climate Action Campaign explains the best ways to address your communities by embracing storytelling and avoiding dread.

How to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint

NatWest's Carbon Planner is a free tool to support you to become a more sustainable and climate conscious organisation. It will help you to identify potential cost and carbon savings too.

How to Design Peer Support

This online workshop (Tuesday, 21st March, from 9:30-13:00, cost £38.62 – £50) is designed to support voluntary, community, and social enterprises to consider, plan, and troubleshoot the introduction of peer support programmes into their services. The workshop (book here) includes:

  • What peer support is – Covering definitions of peer support, different forms, qualities of peer volunteers and limitations of peer services
  • Organisational considerations – Covering coordination, recruitment, promotion, development and evaluation of peer services
  • Action planning – Writing an initial action plan for how you are going to proceed including: purpose of service, model of support, & inputs and outputs
  • Risk assessments and contingencies

Street Parties for the Coronation

BCP Council have published advice about holding these and so have Dorset Council.

How to create the perfect survey

Some simple advice on how charities can collect all the right data by pitching the right survey to receptive audiences.


Edition: Thursday 9th March 2023

Community Spaces Survey

Community Matters received a great response to their last call for information, and got a stunning amount of press coverage for the issues of Community Buildings.  So they are doing it again.  The hope is that they will be able to produce a short report from the data in April. This survey is just for organisations that run and manage a community meeting space. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete.  It contains only 11 questions.  There are questions about utilities and their costs, as well as if you are acting as a warm hub. The survey can be found here.

Five tips for managing costs with the new Energy Bills Discount Scheme

NCVO shares advice on what the Energy Bills Discount Scheme means for charities and top tips on how to cope with rising costs.

Five marketing trends to look out for in 2023

CharityComms makes some guesses about changes in 2023 including:

  • The rebrand bandwagon
  • Service via social
  • Short form videos
  • Longer-form written content for websites
  • Email marketing

Building the perfect brand guidelines in 2023

In this guide, Charity Digital explains how you can build the perfect brand guidelines in five easy steps.

Free expert advice

  • Struggling to make your volunteer or budgeting spreadsheets do what you want them to?
  • Need an expert to look at demographic data or analyse the need of your service users?
  • now you have great data but not sure how to make it visually appealing or tell the right story?

Data First Aid is a free volunteer matching service, designed to match volunteer economists with charities to help them with short-term ad hoc data tasks. These might include data analysis or visualisation, spreadsheet tasks or short pieces of research, that can be completed in one to five days over a period of up to five months.

Accounting Systems Guide

Adapta Consulting have recently updated their Accounting systems guide that lists a broad range of systems that charities could consider if they are looking for an accounting package.


Edition: Thursday 2nd March 2023

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month 2023

Useful short list of how non-LGBT+ charities can show allyship and support this LGBT+ History Month.

Six ways to get people using inclusive language

Charity Digital discusses some practical ways that charities can approach the use of inclusive language.

Charities can flourish by putting sustainability at the heart of their work

Harriet Lamb, CEO at Ashden, explains how charity leaders can make sustainability a priority in their organisation. Also some practical steps charities can take to being more sustainable.

How to get useful user research insights from focus groups

Short guide on how and when to do user research activities in a group setting, covering:

  • Why user research training often teaches people to avoid running focus groups.
  • Key principles for successful sessions and activities to use.
  • Reasons you might choose to run group sessions.

The Warm Hub Scheme

This website is to help support agencies in the UK to develop a Warm Hub scheme in their area. The toolkit provides training, guidance and resources, to ensure the projects they support meet the Warm Hub principles. The toolkit is open to organisations wishing to help community groups in their areas to become Warm Hubs. These groups will comprise of volunteers with a building open to the public that aspire to achieve the Warm Hub principles.


Edition: Thursday 23rd February 2023

Thinking of starting a newsletter?

A useful short list of questions to help you get it right.

How to identify negative impacts – and use them for good

Failures may feel scary, excusable and something to ignore – but they also provide insights into how to use resources better. This short article sets out why understanding negative impact matters – and why we need to rewire our thinking to account for unintended outcomes. Also has seven useful ways to identify negative impact.

Awareness days you should know about in 2023

Charity Digital have compiled a list of the most important awareness days that will help you plan your causes, content, and campaigns throughout 2023.

The best graphic design tools for charities

Charity Digital reviews the best free and paid for graphic design tools and editing software available to charities

Free accredited training

We have been sent information from We Find Any learner which is offering free courses. Have a look to see if useful or suitable. Sorry we don’t know anything about them.


Edition: Thursday 16th February 2023

State of the Social Sector

This second wave national survey will focus on the sectors workforce - retention, recruitment and skills etc. The survey should take between 15-20 minutes to complete, and contains questions regarding finances, service demand, and volunteering, as well as some focusing on the workforce theme. Please complete.

The ultimate climate resource bank for charities

Charity Digital’s bank of resources for climate action in the charity sector including climate information and research, sustainability networks, resources for service delivery, leadership, marketing, and fundraising, and more

Reporting on environmental sustainability in your financial statements and reports

A useful short article about how to do so, with a warning that this may become statutory for charities after 2025. Although it talks about faith charities its advice is useful for all.

New barcode stamps

Old style stamps will stop being used by Royal Mail on 31 July. If you still have some this article tells you what you can do.

A simple guide to presenting brilliant webinars

Looks at how you can present an engaging webinar, with tips on timing, skills, length, slides, imagery, promotion, and so much more


Edition: Thursday 9th February 2023

4 Charity Trends for 2023

Brief blog setting out that:

  1. The sector continues to see increased demand
  2. Alternative giving has been on the rise
  3. Charitable gift-giving was popular
  4. Maintaining a healthy brand is key

Role of community anchor organisations in local illness prevention services

Read this interesting report of :

  • Key learnings on the current role of community anchors in local prevention services
  • Findings and recommendations for the health system on commissioning community anchors for prevention services led by the wider determinants of health
  • Recommendations for community anchors on improving their position within local health systems as prevention service providers

It features real-world experiences from community anchors and local health systems as we seek a new paradigm for how sustainable and impactful prevention services are delivered within communities. Will be helpful even if you are not a community anchor organisation.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits Resource Hub

Inside, you’ll find free resources designed to help you move your mission forward and make the most out of LinkedIn’s free features.

Is a free charity CRM ever really free?

With a number of CRM providers offering free systems to charities, a common question is: do they really cost nothing? Hear from the experts.

Free training

WSX is holding number of free online training events. Although aimed at private sector they say that they will also be relevant and helpful to the voluntary and community sector, especially if you are trading:


Edition: Thursday 2nd February 2023

Free training

WSX is holding number of free online training events. Although aimed at private sector they say that they will also be relevant and helpful to the voluntary and community sector, especially if you are trading:

What to look out for in 2023

NCVO every year produces a report on what the future year may hold, called the Road Ahead, to help voluntary and community groups to shape their strategy over the next 12 months. Rather than a single report this year they have published a series:

Climate change: take Charity Digital’s climate change survey

The survey, which takes around 10 minutes to complete, covers five key themes, on everything from leadership to workplace sustainability, and asks charities about the areas where they could become more sustainable. It asks charities whether climate change is a concern for them in 2023 and if they feel empowered to act. The survey will be instrumental in Charity Digital’s Climate Action campaign, aimed at improving sustainability in the charity sector. The findings will be published anonymously in a report in the Spring and will ultimately help them identify further steps charities can take to tackle climate change in the future.

Climate change: exploring definitions

What is the difference between climate change and global warming? What controversial history lies behind the phrase “carbon footprint”? And what does the enigmatic term “sustainability” actually mean? Read this useful list.

Membership and the Charity Sector

nfpReserach has now published its full report. More than a fifth of British adults are paying members of a charity. Using real world case studies from the charity and commercial sectors, it provides guidance for best practice for the management of your membership schemes. The report is available for free and provides an up-to-date examination of the challenges and benefits of membership in the digital age. It also includes case studies from the charity sector and beyond, offering recommendations for organisations to enhance their membership experience.

The best online event platforms for charities

Charity Digital looks at some of the most cost-effective options for charities throwing events.

Awareness Days Calendar

DSC have searched the internet and put together a handy list of charity awareness days and events for you to get involved with linking to awareness of your own organisation or fundraising, etc. Check it out here.

How to write a mission statement

Here is Charity Digital’s step-by-step guide to writing a mission statement

How to set meaningful KPIs

Key performance indicators are important measurements of success but how can you make them meaningful? Here is some brief advice.

Edition: Thursday 26th January 2023

Ten of the best charity and non-profit websites

Charity Digital showcases a few of the best charity websites for users and supporters. We can always learn from others!

Top platforms to help with spelling and grammar

Boost your writing skills with this list of the best language editing tools and general writing tools, from Grammarly and Typely to Hemingway and Wordy.

Find a bank account

Recent national survey on charity bank accounts was depressing reading but also reflects what we hear locally, that banks don’t offer a good service! Better Business Finance have opened a business bank account finder can help you understand the options that are available. You can choose charity from the filter list on the left hand side of the screen.


Edition: Thursday 19th January 2023

Charity Digital launches Climate Action Campaign

Find out about the Charity Digital Climate Action Campaign which aims to raise awareness about climate change in the charity sector and empower charities to take meaningful action to protect our planet, and sign up to be kept in touch. Have a look at their post on the basics of climate change for charities, looking at why charities need to get involved, how charities can get involved, and the best resources available.

Membership and the Charity Sector

An up-to-date exploration of the benefits and challenges of membership in the digital world, and how organisations can effectively implement and manage a membership programme. Using case studies from the charity sector and beyond, the authors provide recommendations that could take your membership experience to the next level. 

Why readability is important

The more readable your digital content is, the easier it is for the people you support to get the information they need. Here are tips on how to write readable content, so people who use your charity’s services can get what they need from it.

What is the Art of Storytelling on social media?

Short blog about how to improve your social media.

How to run a Twitter Chat

Social media is constantly evolving – with new algorithms and updates making it more difficult to keep up to date and achieve cut-through. To maintain the same level of engagement, communicators need to find different ways to use each channel, for instance, Twitter chats.

A quick guide to writing up your events

Event coverage matters – let audiences know what you’ve been up to

Third of local charities seeing utility costs increase by over 60%

Read this depressing news which we expect a lot of you are also experiencing.


Edition Week Commencing: Thursday 12th January 2023

State of the Sector Survey

Some results of this national survey of charities and community groups:

  • 71% have experienced an increase in demand over the three months to November, 41% reporting that demand has increased a lot.
  • 49% expect demand for their services over winter to exceed their ability to meet it
  • almost one in five expect to fall significantly short in their ability to meet demand.
  • 41% are being forced to cut services
  • 36% are struggling to fill vacancies and staff are having to work longer hours to plug the skills gap and keep up
  • a majority are now using their reserves in order to meet their operating costs
  • Small charities and community groups are particularly vulnerable and they are more likely to be experiencing financial difficulty.
  • 27% have been forced to reduce the number of paid staff in their employ over the past three months.
  • Further reductions are anticipated over winter, with 40% saying that they expect to see a decrease in their paid workforce.

Three key reasons user involvement is imperative for charities and funders

Short blog with three key reasons why user involvement not only matters, but why it is imperative for both charities and funders to adopt as part of their planning and delivery.

Government help to buy software

Charities and social enterprises looking to buy new software should check out the Help to Grow: Digital scheme which will close to new business applications for discounts on 2 February 2023. Discounts issued for eligible software must be redeemed within 30 days from issue date.

Charity websites: 9 tips for a user-focused, content-first homepage

Working on a homepage can feel like a high-stakes project. It’s the shop window for your charity. Tips on how to design a user-focused homepage.

An astonishingly simple guide to SEO

Explore the intricacies of search engine optimisation and offer some tips and tricks on how you can optimise SEO to improve your rankings.


Explore how charities can use the upcoming social media platform Mastodon.


Edition Week Commencing: Thursday 15th December 2022

Building engagement with the power of Thank You

'Finding different ways to engage with audiences is an exciting and important part of working in charity communications. We want the people who support us to know that we are here and listening, and that we value all their support. One way that the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox like to do this is with a Thank You Day. Also here is a blog about this idea.

Inclusive digital design: accessibility, assumptions and barriers

Jamie Knight is an autistic digital accessibility specialist & maker. In this article, he presents 3 types of barriers, 7 types of assumptions and 3 inclusive design tips to remove barriers.

14 ways to make your charity’s online events, meetings & training more inclusive and accessible

Third Sector Lab are working to make their online training, events and meetings more inclusive. It’s about making them accessible to all, broadening the reach of work and acknowledging the diverse range of voices. They gathered 14 tips to ensure that their events are more racially inclusive, more accessible for disabled people and more welcoming to the LGTBQ+ community.

In a crisis, plan don’t panic

When working through a crisis, we mustn't panic. Here's some advice on how to stay level-headed during uncertain times.

How can charities cope with Twitter uncertainty?

There is still so much uncertainty over the future of Twitter since Elon Musk’s takeover, and charities are faced with the challenge of knowing what to do next. At both CharityComms and Charities Against Hate, it’s a situation we are monitoring closely and which we are trying to offer as much support on as they can.

Edition Week Commencing: Thursday 8th December 2022

Getting life's essentials to people this winter

The cost-of-living crisis continues to impact more and more people across the UK. 2.4 million adults are expected to turn to charities, food banks or community groups to access unaffordable items this winter, and almost 1 in 4 low-income families say they will be going without presents for festive celebrations this year, according to a recent YouGov survey by the charity In Kind Direct.

In Kind Direct redistribute consumer products donated by companies, like toilet roll, shampoo, laundry and cleaning supplies, warm clothing, hats, gloves, children’s gifts, toys, books, small electrical appliances and make-up, to local charities, community groups, foodbanks, schools and CICs. Sign up today for free here to help more people in your community access the personal hygiene products they need, items to keep warm this winter and receive a little extra treat. 

CSALS (Community Save a Life Scheme)

This small UK charity has a mission to get a life saver on every street corner and has created a free first aid online course. Their Prepared to Save a Life course has 5 short 10 minute sections and you get a certificate. You could encourage people you have contact with to sign up or pledge your organisation to get a percentage of your staff/volunteers signed up.

Ten Equality, Diversity and Inclusion actions for your charity

Ten practical actions that you can take to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion at your charity.

How to harness the power of video marketing

A step-by-step guide to show charities how to use video marketing whether that’s a short animation to show your charity’s impact, an emotive interview with a service user, or a full-blown creative Christmas campaign with agency input.

How to get your charity’s social media channels working harder for you

Ideas include:

  • persuade your staff and trustees that they can make a real difference by getting involved in your charity’s social media.
  • help them do it in a way that is both manageable and effective.
  • show them the value it can have for them professionally.


Edition Week Commencing: Thursday 1st December 2022

Autumn Statement

Read what some sector leaders had to say about it for our sector. Also Charity Tax Group, NCVO, Charity Finance Group, DSC and Civil Society. Pro bono economics is predicting the UK charity sector's income will decline by £2.2bn in real terms by the end of 2023-24.

How to create web pages that help people solve problems themselves

Many organisations want to help the people they support solve problems themselves. A common way to do this is by producing collections of web pages known as static advice content. In this article, you will learn how to decide whether it’s a good idea for you to produce it, and get some tips on how to make it useful, when you don’t have a lot of time.


NCVO has published some simple guidance about banking including types of accounts

Exploring the alternatives to Twitter

Charity Digital looks at other social media platforms charities could switch to if Twitter becomes too toxic or shuts down completely. Also, a short article from Charity Comms.


Edition Week Commencing: Thursday 24th November 2022

4 Tips & Tricks to Stay Ahead of the Curve on Social Media

Some quick tips.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 14th November 2022

Why charities need to lead on climate change

Charity Digital looks at why charities need to take the lead on facing the defining crisis of our time. They also have a longer article with links to resources etc and an hour podcast. Charity Comms have a blog showing how different charities are explaining how issues around the environment and climate are impacting their causes. Remember CFG’s recent guide to net zero.

The charities speaking out against racism

Charity digital explores the ways that charities in the UK are speaking out against racism and taking steps to become anti-racist.

How to make your inclusion intersectional

Intersectionality has become something of a buzzword, used as a shorthand for all things diversity, equity and inclusion. But what does it mean

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion reporting- what, how, why?

Useful short article discussing what good practice could look like and relates to Charity Commission and Company House expectations.

Cost-of-living crisis: how to buy cheap software

Cutting software costs is vital for charities as they face multiple challenges due to the cost-of-living crisis. Here is Charity Digital’s guide to find the best and cheapest option

Looking After The Money

1 December, 2022, 10:00-12:30, Steve Place (CAN's Senior Advisor) will lead this session, helping to ensure that you are looking after the money of your charity or group. We all know, that managing money for others can feel pressured, but Steve will help you navigate some important processes and good practice to ensure you feel comfortable in the role.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 7th November 2022

Making your charity inclusive online

With such a wide range of audiences, with varying needs, improving accessibility ensures that charities can include as many people as possible in their cause. This is a matter that has been a focal point for Ambitious about Autism and is part of a three-year digital transformation project. In a podcast recorded last month, Charity Digital's Marketing Programme Manager Ashley Fontaine is joined by David Spector (Head of Strategy, Trillium) and Marie Ashton (Head of Marketing and Communications, Ambitious about Autism) to discuss ways that charities can remove barriers for their audience online and make their content more inclusive for their audiences. Listen to the Charity Digital podcast.

How to harness the power of video marketing

Charity Digital provides a step-by-step guide to show charities how to use video marketing

Looking After The Money

1 December, 2022, 10:00-12:30, Steve Place (CAN's Senior Advisor) will lead this session, helping to ensure that you are looking after the money of your charity or group. We all know, that managing money for others can feel pressured, but Steve will help you navigate some important processes and good practice to ensure you feel comfortable in the role.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 31st October 2022

J.P. Morgan’s Force for Good programme

Force for Good provides charities and non-profit organisations with a team of highly-skilled employees from J.P. Morgan to help them build sustainable digital solutions to their biggest challenges. 

New guide helps makes sense of modern banking

HSBC’s ‘Modern banking guide’ has been published for charities, voluntary organisations, faith and community groups, in partnership with Charity Finance Group. The guide helps organisations make informed choices about banking services in an evolving world. It covers the different types of banking services that are available to organisations, including digital payments and virtual cards.

Understanding energy consumption

Do we really understand the energy we use? And how can we get to grips with our consumption AND reduce it? Ruaire Glackin from Utility Aid shares a helpful guide.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 24th October 2022

Key findings from NCVO's 2022 Almanac

NCVO’s annual survey of the sector is out. You can read the Exec Summary here with the 5 main insights being:

  1. The number of voluntary organisations increased as did the sector’s workforce and total income.
  2. The combined effects of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis are likely to impact the sector as a whole but leave smaller charities particularly vulnerable.
  3. For the first time in 20 years, income from the public contributes half (51%) of all voluntary sector income, while income from government continues to decline.
  4. Volunteer retention for older and socio-economically disadvantaged groups has become challenging.
  5. The diversity of the sector’s workforce remains low and but is higher among volunteers, while young people are still least likely to be involved in the sector.

Read the key findings in Civil Society and what they mean for the charity sector.

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Cultural Awareness

This FREE 3-hour Zoom session (2 Dec 2022 09:30-12:30) aims to improve professionals’ knowledge of and engagement with the GRT (Gypsy, Roma and Traveller) communities. It will be delivered by the Friends, Families and Travellers organisation with a community member sharing their experience.

How charities can save on energy bills

Some tips from Charity Digital

One in eight charities had a cyber attack last year

Read a summary of this survey and how to take action.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 17th October 2022

New online guide for charities looking to reduce their carbon emissions

Although aimed at charities is a useful resource for any not for profit to build a net zero strategy; understand the links between net zero, investments, pensions and grant making; and reduce emissions through the procurement process.

Cost of living hub

NCVO keep updating this part of their website sharing news, insights, practical resources and advice to help your organisation but also your users.

How charities can use LinkedIn Premium

Charity Digital explores how charities can take advantage of LinkedIn Premium, with networking, training, and other advanced features.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 10th October 2022

Analysis highlights inflation challenges for charities

Charity Pro Bono Economics has produced a briefing highlighting the growing threat of inflation for UK charities.  Key points include

  • The Bank of England is expecting inflation to peak late this year at around 13%, but to remain at elevated levels until 2024.
  • The value of the average donation and direct debits will decline. The average donation has been £20 since 2017. Using the Bank of England’s most recent inflation forecasts, PBE project that a £20 direct debit set up in 2017 will be worth just £15.30 next year and £14.90 in 2024.
  • The value of multi-year contracts and grant funding will decline. A three-year £100,000 grant or contract awarded in 2022 will be worth £90,660 next year and £88,300 in 2024, based on current Bank of England forecasts.
  • Energy prices will continue to affect costs, volunteers and beneficiaries
  • Rising staff costs will have a major impact. On average, the charity sector spends over 40p in every £1 on staffing costs. Were the sector’s expenditure on staffing costs to keep up with inflation, the sector would need to find an additional £3.8bn by 2023 and £6.1bn by 2024, compared to 2018/19

Why organisation-wide support is critical to effective sustainability initiatives

Article explains how to ensure everyone in the business is engaged and invested in environmental matters

Free ‘DIY’ energy survey for community buildings

This document guides you through an energy audit so that you can identify the most effective options for energy efficiency improvements. It’s essentially a checklist combined with guidance notes. You can use it as the basis for a carbon reduction plan for the building (which could include a whole range of free, low cost and higher cost measures) and / or to decide what improvements you want to install and / or to identify measures you may be able to obtain funding for.

The art of culture change

What are the signs that the culture within your organisation needs to change and how can you change it? Here are tips from Charity Digital.

Environmental, social and corporate governance

ESG is a widely used framework in business to understand how companies of all kinds can promote benefits and protect people and the planet. ESG is also at the top of the agenda for many charities who want to ensure all their wider work avoids causing unintentional harms, and also want to influence businesses’ ESG strategies to achieve their core charitable mission. This briefing is on how charities can ensure social issues are considered in environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) frameworks.

Charities and climate change

Charity Digital explores the basics of climate change for charities, looking at why charities need to get involved, how charities can get involved, the best resources available to charities, and so much more.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 3rd October 2022

Overcoming banking challenges for small charities

Charity Digital explores how small charities can tackle challenges accessing banking services with some recommendations on banks.

In a crisis, plan don’t panic!

Useful short article from DSC recommending you:

  1. Get your governance right
  2. Get good information
  3. Adapt your communication
  4. Don’t take those grants for granted
  5. Think about a fresh appeal.
  6. Look after yourself and others.

If gives links to their own training etc but also talk to us!

Is your chief executive/board relationship a marriage made in heaven or heading for the rocks?

Short article about how to avoid this through honesty, challenge, duty of care, mutual respect and trust, understanding of roles and mission above all else.

Free digital skills training for the third sector

The Curve is a series of free, 90-minute workshops for third sector organisations. These online workshops aim to build knowledge around best digital practices, raise awareness of digital tools and ultimately help increase impact with digital. Workshops are open to anyone working or volunteering with a third sector organisation in the UK.


Edition Week Commencing: Monday 26th September 2022

How to write effective web copy

Charity Digital looks at best practice for online copywriting and how to engage a digital audience