CAN can use our extensive voluntary sector networks to redistribute and re-home donations of good condition second-hand equipment.

Once we are contacted by a donor we send out the information about the item offering it to local charities and community groups on a first-come-first-served basis. The organisation claiming the item is responsible for collection.

We never send out the contact details of the donors and field all enquiries ourselves. This saves donors from receiving requests after the item has been claimed. In order to do this, we ask that donated items are offered to CAN only and not advertised elsewhere as well.

The items that are most needed are computers and office furniture such as desks and chairs but we have also rehomed filing cabinets, printers, photocopiers, speakers and other standard office furniture along with some more unusual items such as a pool table, cameras, sofas, carpets, paint, a mobility scooter and gardening tools.

Donations come from a mix of businesses, charities and community groups and private individuals.

If you have any items of equipment or furniture you would like to rehome and donate to charity, please call us to discuss on 01202 466130 or email [email protected]

Due to the high demand for equipment and because we never know when a particular item might become available we don't hold a waiting list of items that a particular organisation might need. Everything is always offered on a first come first-served basis.