Crowdfunding is an excellent way to galvanise support, bringing individual donations together to make a significant sum. Crowdfunding can provide a focussed way to promote your work, build your supporter engagement and secure a meaningful amount of funding for your organisation, project or work. Usually supporters are offered different incentive rewards for their donation, which might range from a personal thank you email or free entry ticket, through to rewards for higher donations, such as invitations to VIP events or exclusive access.

  • Crowdfunding appeals are often most effective when there is a focussed target, linked to a price of work, project or defined need
  • Crowdfunding appeals offer an opportunity to communicate your cause and work creatively, through film and different media, reaching wider audiences
  • Through a focussed appeal, crowdfunding can present a tool to maximise communication channels including press, radio, TV and social media
  • Crowdfunding can be resource intensive and relies on your organisation having or being able to generate a strong online presence and digital marketing
  • There are often match funding schemes available through crowdfunding platforms, which can boost your income by matching the donations raised
  • Crowdfunding platforms usually charge a fee for their service and offer options such as ‘Keep what you raise’ or ‘All or nothing’. Some sites may charge a lower fee for ‘All or nothing’ options, but this will mean that if you don’t reach your fundraising target, your organisation is not able to claim any of the funding raised as this will be refunded to the donors, so it’s very important to weigh the options

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