Contracts can be an important source of income for charitable organisations. When you sell a service it might be a ‘one-off’ such as selling a cup of tea, a place on a play scheme or a session in a day centre. However, you might agree to deliver a service over a much longer period and this is when you usually sign an agreement (a contract). The service may be provided to an individual or an organisation eg to supply 20 lunches on 10 days of the year, two child care spaces a day during the six-week summer holiday to a parent, or four sessions a week for 40 weeks in a day centre to a carer.

Sometimes you might have to compete with others to deliver that service. It might be as simple as providing a quote or you might have to set out more detail about your service.

Bidding, or tendering, for public sector contracts is much more complicated as there are proscribed ways in which public bodies must do this, set down by Europe, central government and the public body itself. To find out more there are some useful publications produced by our national body NAVCA:

 For information about contracting with local public sector bodies go to:

 CAN can help you to:

  • Assess your organisation’s readiness to bid for contracts
  • Help you to develop policies and working practices needed for successful tenders
  • Give you feedback on your tender proposals
  • Help you develop partnerships and sub-contracting relationships with others to bid, and deliver, on contracts.

For more information and help with any of the above contact [email protected] or [email protected] (if in BCP), or [email protected] (if in Dorset Council area) or 01202 466130