We aim to provide a high-quality, responsive, service. In order to ensure this we need to take account of the views and wishes of those we are here to support. We welcome every opportunity to monitor and improve our services and having this procedure in place is one way of doing this.

When things are GOOD - Compliment CAN

Compliments are valuable, welcome and important and when they are received, either verbally or in writing, they will be recorded. Compliments enable us to:-

  • understand that our services are being provided to your satisfaction
  • provide positive feedback to our staff and trustees
  • influence our organisational and service development

Positive feedback / compliments whether verbally, emails or through our website will be logged, shared with staff and trustees and inform our work.

 Compliment CAN – can you spare a few minutes to tell us when things have gone well – complete our short online form

When things are BAD - How we manage problems and complaints

We aim to provide high quality services. We believe we achieve this most of the time: if we are not getting it right we want to know.

In order to ensure our services’ remain at a high and improving standard, we have a procedure through which people can let us know if for any reason they are not satisfied with their dealings with the organisation.

When things have not gone well – please take a look at our Complaints Procedure, which will guide you through the process.