Community Safety Partnership (BCP) including:

  • VCSIP for the Strategic Group
  • VCSIP for the Partnership Group

This board meets quarterly.

The Partnership brings together the key statutory public bodies with community, voluntary and private sector partners for the purpose of reducing crime, antisocial behaviour, domestic and sexual abuse/violence, substance misuse and reoffending in BCP.  

The Partnership aims to achieve this purpose by: 

  • Providing effective BCP-wide leadership on community safety and crime reduction.
  • Bringing together the key statutory agencies and other private, voluntary and community partners to enable effective joint-working and partnership activity.
  • Supporting responsive service delivery, led by intelligence and evidence-based approaches.
  • Promoting the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, in particular their protection from maltreatment, exploitation, abuse, crime, and antisocial behaviour.
  • Engaging the conurbation’s diverse communities and residents and providing accountability and transparency to increase public confidence and enhance perceptions.
  • Ensuring that communities and residents are engaged and informed about crime, offending and substance misuse in the conurbation, listening to what is of most concern to them and acting to tackle those issues in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ensuring that agencies represented in the Partnership share information and intelligence effectively to support victims and tackle offending.
  • Promoting the interests of public protection and safety with effective communications and public relations.

Below is a diagram to help illustrate the make-up of the partnership.


Get Involved

We are looking for a VCS Involvement Partner for the Strategic Group and a VCS Involvement Partner for the Partnership Group to sit on the networks and forums to feed up to the strategic boards. The VCS Involvement Partners will be fully supported by CAN and will have access to our support, expertise and advocacy – along with our extensive contacts, enabling easy dissemination of information and the use of CAN Networks and forums ensuring they are well informed. To read more about our vision for community led VCS representation and find out about becoming a VCS Involvement Partner, follow the link below. 

VCS Involvement Partners