CAN are looking to co-develop new Community Connector Forums as a mechanism to enable productive conversations and collaborations across sectors to take place. This will be a staged approach based on priorities and need. 

Sustainable Environment

Unique and sustainable environment – preserving our outstanding environment 

  • Protect and enhance our outstanding natural environment 
  • Develop an eco-friendly and active transport network 
  • Tackle the climate and ecological emergency 
  • Maximise access to our high quality parks and open spaces 

Dynamic Places

Building a dynamic economy – a great place to live, learn, work and visit 

  • Revitalise and reinvent our high streets and local centres 
  • Create a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive economy 
  • Increase productivity through skills investment 
  • Develop sustainable infrastructure 
  • Support our businesses to operate more creatively 
  • Create a 21st century digital infrastructure 

Connected Communities 

Strong, healthy and connected communities – creating a climate for community empowerment 

  • Reduce health inequalities 
  • Strengthen the cultural identity of our towns and places 
  • Respect and engage with our diverse communities 
  • Encourage intergenerational interactions 
  • Reduce loneliness and isolation 
  • Ensure our communities feel safe 
  • Empower a thriving voluntary and community sector 

Brighter futures 

Coming together to give our children the best start in life 

  • Work with families and communities to give our children the best start in life 
  • Create and environment to enable access to high quality education for all 
  • Be aspirational for our children in care 
  • Support parents and guardians to care for their children well 

Fulfilled Lives 

Helping people lead active, healthy and independent lives 

  • Support people to live safe and independent lives  
  • Promote happy, active and healthy lifestyles 
  • Develop age-friendly communities  
  • Value and support carers  
  • Enable people to live well through quality social care 
  • Tackle homelessness and prevent rough sleeping  
  • Promote lifelong learning for all 

VCS Leaders exCHANGE 

Bringing together leaders across the voluntary sector to network and collaborate