We’re doing all we CAN to help the local environment

We’ll use this page to share advice and support around declaring a climate emergency and what practical steps the voluntary and community sector can take to help.

CAN is currently:

  • developing an environmental strategy
  • developing a toolkit to support local voluntary and community organisations to take action
  • considering how and when we can declare a climate emergency.

Councillor Felicity Rice, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, BCP Council, said: “The challenges ahead cannot be underestimated but the benefits of creating positive change are lifechanging for future generations.  As the 12th largest unitary authority in the UK, we are keen to lead the way when it comes to thinking about the climate in everything we do, with all our residents, and that includes creating a thriving green economy.”

Some things to consider …

 “How could I look my grandchildren in the eye and say I knew what was happening to the world and did nothing.”- David Attenborough

“By reducing your consumption of animal protein by half, you can cut your diet's carbon footprint by more than 40%” – BBC

"An emergency means that if we do not act or respond to the impacts of climate change by reducing our carbon emissions, reducing our livestock production, reducing our land clearing and fossil fuel consumption, the impacts will likely be more severe than we've experienced to date," Dr Thomas Newsome - University of Sydney via the BBC

Please follow us on Twitter @can100org to find out more over the coming months about how we are managing to keep our carbon footprint low (is it low at the moment?) and the vital steps we have taken to become an increasingly environmentally-friendly organisation.

In March 2020 we formed a steering group with representatives across the sector and from BCP Council to look at how we set and achieve our goals.