Welcome to the forum for the Children and Young People Partnership 0-25yrs.

Brighter futurescoming together to give our children the best start in life

  • Work with families and communities to give our children the best start in life
  • Create and environment to enable access to high quality education for all
  • Be aspirational for our children in care
  • Support parents and guardians to care for their children well

Its mission is to bring together representatives of everyone involved in supporting and safeguarding children and young people in the BCP area. To focus on improving outcomes for all with particular focus on effecting positive changes for the life chances of the most vulnerable.

We want to ensure that all children and young people are:

  • Fulfilled - children and young people have the opportunities and are supported to achieve their full potential in education, learning and future employment
  • Happy - children and young people can enjoy healthy lifestyles and make positive choices
  • Included - children and young people are accepted as valued members of society enabling them to achieve within, and contribute to, the wider community
  • Resilient - children and young people are supported to be resilient in the face of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The boards that this forum will feed up into is the BCP Children's and Young People's Partnership and the BCP SEND Improvement Board.

Get Involved

Interested in being a Voluntary Sector Representative on this Forum?

As a CAN member, you have the right to apply to sit on this forum and we encourage you to do so, so have your say and join today!

The VCS Involvement Partner will be fully supported by CAN and will have access to our support, expertise and advocacy – along with our extensive contacts. Enabling easy dissemination of information and the use of CAN Networks, Forums and Leaders exCHANGE ensuring they are well informed. Follow the link below to the VCSIP information page and find out how you can apply to become a VCSIP.