More and more people are aware of climate change and the need to take action to protect the environment. Similarly more organisations are looking to see how they can help address the issue. CAN itself has declared a climate emergency and has an action plan setting out how its activities can reduce its impact on climate change. It is now very common that tenders from statutory organisations will ask for an environment policy, and more and more grant funders are asking for the same. Large companies already have to report on their environmental impact, called SECR (streamlined energy and carbon reporting) and it is likely that charities and smaller companies may have to in the future.

We have a simple policy template. The Charity Commission have some short guidance on what charities must be aware of and can and cannot do. The government has detailed advice on SECR. They have also produced guidance for Academy Trusts that may be useful to adapt. Sustainable Dorset is a good place to find out what is happening locally and Low Carbon Dorset can offer some technical advice.

Last updated: 26th April, 2022

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